English version of user manuals

Here you can find user manuals for our watches in English (in PDF):

  • WW-01 («ЧН-01» or «ChN-01»).
  • WW-52 («ЧН-52» or «ChN-52»).
  • WW-53 («ЧН-53» or «ChN-53»).
  • WW-55 («ЧН-55» or «ChN-55»).
  • WW-77A («Электроника-77А» or «Electronika-77A»)
  • other manuals will be added over time…

Also you can find all our manuals in Russian here .

(Last update: 06.08.2019)

English version of user manuals: 3 комментария

    1. Yes, it would be great if you could share the Spanish version. Unfortunately nobody in our team speaks Spanish, so we can not translate it ourselves.

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